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Support Groups

Upcoming Support Groups!

July 17th, 6pm EST: Taking Care of You: Self-Care 101 (Dr. Allyson Wright)

August 21st, 6pm EST: Assertiveness and Learning to Say No: How Boundaries Can Help Your Health and Weight! (Dr. Julie Oliveira-Payton)

September 18th, 6pm EST: From Chaos to Control: Improving Daily Habits through Understanding Executive Function, Attention & Impulsivity(Dr. Karen Stewart)

October (Date and Time TBD): Holiday Season Accountability: Tips and Tricks to Get You Through The Season!

Groups are virtual (via Zoom) and $20 each. They are not covered by insurance.

Pre-op and Post-op surgical and non-surgical medical weight loss patients  are welcome!

If you are using this as a requirement for a pre-op support group, we will send attendance records to your surgeon's office (if they participate).



Prior 2024 Groups:

March 20th, 6pm EST: Mindful Eating: Knowing Head Hunger vs. True Hunger as well as Hunger and Fullness Cues (Dr. Michelle Constantino)

April 17th, 6pm EST: Body Image: Does it change?  (Dr. Allyson Wright)

May 15th, 6pm EST: Taking Responsibility for Your Success (Alicia Hyatt, LPC)

June 19th, 6pm EST: Grief & Loss: When weight loss comes with other types of loss (Dr. Por Por Patchawan)


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