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For Medical Providers

Virtually Collaborate with Expert Mental Health Providers Trained in Bariatric Psychology for Sustainable Pre- and Post- Operative Success

Our providers tailor guidelines to each surgical center we work with as if we are in your center

We offer virtual Telehealth visits and accept all major insurances. Click HERE for a full list. We also have translators for every language and ASL.

Experience You Can Trust

ATA Clinicians have been conducting evaluations and working with thousands of both pre- and post-surgical patients for 20  years.

Efficient & Timely

ASMBS standards for a psychological evaluation are followed, and a complete report is faxed within a few days of the evaluation.

Easy to Work With Experts

Pre- and post-surgical consultation is always available to you and your team. If ATA is unable to accommodate your patient in-house, we will assist in helping the patient find a referral.

Medical Providers are Saying:

- Surgeon, Virginia

ATA makes it easy for patients to schedule appointments, especially when patients aren't comfortable making phone calls.

Their response time to provider issues and inquiries is excellent.

- Physician's Assistant, Ohio

ATA is a very thorough and responsive group!

We have used various other organizations in the past, and we feel ATA is truly looking out for our patients and their long-term success. 

- Surgeon, Virginia

I appreciate the communication with the ATA psychology team.

They are always prompt and receptive. I also appreciate how thorough they are in their evaluations.

- Program Coordinator, Michigan

ATA has been a lifesaver for our bariatric program.

The ease of patient referrals and care is beyond tremendous!

- Patient Navigator, Arizona

ATA provides a quick, easy, and simple way for our patients to get the Pre-Op approvals they need.

This takes one thing off of their list really quickly and makes them feel accomplished.

- Surgery Coordinator, North Carolina

Referred patients are always scheduled in a timely manner.

Communication with the providers through Spruce has been very convenient, and the clearances are always sent promptly after the patients are cleared!

- Surgeon, Indiana

We use ATA as needed when our in-house mental health provider is backed up.

They efficiently meet our needs and become part of our team on an as-needed basis.

- Program coordinator, Virgina

ATA is the best! I like that we have direct contact with their office.

They are always willing to work with our practice to meet the needs of our patients.

Your practice deserves a mental health partner you can trust 

Reach out to Dr. Kati Duncan by entering your name and email today.

All of our providers are trained in bariatric psychology and are members of ASMBS. We specialize in improving patient outcomes for both surgical and medical weight loss. 

We're here to support you in providing comprehensive care you can count on.

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Complete Care, Transformed Lives


Uncover the missing piece in your practice: a reliable, competent, experienced mental health partner in seamless care


Let Assessment & Therapy Associates help your practice flourish

Patients Can Schedule a Virtual Pre-Surgical Evaluation Appointment with Ease

We can help you streamline patient care by making scheduling seamless, and we accept all major insurances.

You or your patient can contact us using the secure email [email protected]¬†

If you would like to speak with ATA group practice owner, Dr. Kati Duncan, about referrals click HERE.

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Enjoy streamlined, hassle-free psychological assessments for your bariatric patients

Partner with Experts

Reduce overhead & improve patient outcomes by engaging our Expert Mental Health Providers

Strengthen your Practice

Timely patient assessments means you can steadily grow your practice, with providers you can rely on.

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We understand the responsibility you feel in guiding your patients towards improved health and well-being


We're here to support you in providing comprehensive care.


Speak with Dr. Duncan about Referrals

How much are delays impacting your practice?

We understand evaluation delays impact patient care and surgical timelines.

We're here to help you keep consistent patient care the focus, so you can do what you do best without any hassle.


  • Enjoy consistent patient workflows with timely, comprehensive assessments (from same-day to 3-day turnaround following patient evaluation)
  • Accessible, effective communication allow us to act as an extension of your team
  • Ability to contact Dr. Duncan directly concerning patients, need to move patients up for earlier appointments, timely updates, etc.
  • Have peace of mind managing sensitive patient information with our 18-year established professional practice using clear HIPAA-compliant protocols, policies, and procedures
  • Free up more time and personnel in your practice so you can direct resources to maintaining and increasing patient access
  • As your mental health partner, we help ensure treatment plan consistency and alignment to provide comprehensive and cohesive patient care
  • Reduce significant overhead by partnering with our specialty mental health practice
  • Find mental health providers who take insurance with ease
  • Connect with pre-vetted Bariatric Surgeons, Metabolic Providers, & Mental Health Experts to support your patients' lifestyle changes
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You deserve to scale your impact, not your stress


Go from frustrating delays & workflow disruptions to feeling confident in competent, complete evaluations that support consistent patient care.


Speak with Dr. Duncan about Referrals

We accept the following insurances for our telehealth services

We're proud to partner with the industry's best surgical centers nationwide.

Dr. Kati Duncan is happy to provide references to your practice as needed.


All of these carriers and more! Click HERE for the complete list.

You can leverage mental health experts as a reliable extension of your team

In order to do that, you need experienced mental health clinicians who understand your priorities and workflow.

The problem is, among the many clinical mental health options available, it's difficult to know which are well-established, stable options to support your growing practice.  

We understand you don't want to add more administrative work to get clinicians up-to-speed, worry if patient assessments are completed to your standards, or wonder if you're better off hiring someone in-house to minimize delays or patient care disruptions.

Assessment & Therapy Associates believes you deserve to define the success of your practice on your terms, which is why we have helped thousands of patients over 18 years achieve positive outcomes with their providers. We tailor guidelines to each surgical center we work with, as if we are an extension of your team as if we are there in your center.

Psychological assessments are a critical piece to your bariatric patients' care, and they can be a seamless support to your practice, no matter the size of your center, team, or how you would like to grow it.

Connect with Dr. Kati Duncan, by entering your name and email today.

Your practice deserves a mental health partner you can trust: We're here to support you in providing comprehensive care you can count on.

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Enjoy the ease of having experienced, reliable mental health providers on your team, without the added overhead or extra administrative responsibilities.

The Mental Health Partner You Can Trust

Timely patient assessments means you can steadily grow your practice, with experienced, established providers you can rely on.

Over the last 18 years, we've performed thousands of comprehensive psychological assessments for surgical weight loss patients, and a complete report is faxed within a few business days of the evaluation.

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Compassionate, Prompt Care


Comprehensive Pre-Surgical Psychological Evaluations for Bariatric Patients & Clinical Support from Experienced Providers


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